Beets & Beats

by Bennett Taylor

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If you like beets you'll like this Album.


released July 5, 2014

Beat credit for "Life Is Hard" "Call Me" "Beets & Beats" & "HWG" goes to Daylin Jurik AKA Ghanji Tree. Big Thanks to Stefan Gaulin, Justin Sterling, Christian Spangleberg Stella Jesselle and Dustin Gillis.



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Track Name: Bennett Ft. Dustin G - Best Friends
Two men
With the Power of love
Best friends forever
Till Heaven above
Till death do us part
My buddy take heart
That I'll be your best friend
from the end to the start
Yo your my best friend
Through Thick and Thin
My homie Till the end
I could be your twin
Grade 8, You'd come over it was your first stay
I wish that we could share the same birthday
Remember when we went to Quebec?
It was a blast.
We could reminisce forever
About the past
Quebec was so fun
I remember it too.
Just you
and me
and me
and you
Chewing poutine
and eating fondue
I always trusted you to come through
Thats true.

Your my best friend
I'm your best friend

(Repeat 6x)

Best friends.
Track Name: Bennett Ft. Harlem Hans - Call Me
Call Me
Or Me!
Not him he's horny
got here before me
Its a long story
I'll tell you surely
He ain't got no shit on me
The hunks hunkydory
Be like "Babay adore me"
So call me, or B you can Be mine
Only baby girl in the world to feel fine
I got steel balls and I'll let you feel mine
So call me

Or me
Call me
On your pay phone or landline
I'm sugar so refined so devine
That's just another reason you should be mine
So get on my cellphone
My body is well toned
Its true though
And yo my minds like an ocean
So full of emotion I love you no potion
So don't be afraid
I might just get laid
So call me
Or me

Call me
Im Horny
Im Not
She call me
Thats what you thought but you don't think alot
I like to think on the spot, this horniness is all I got
so get me and get free
I shoot pucks like Gretsky
You mean cumshots? They do get messy.
Thats nasty
You know me
I don't know so show me
I'll try to move slowly
out that friend zone thats for me
And still I say... Call me

Or me.
Track Name: Bennett Ft. Jaybird - STR8 Relaxin
Its a friday night
Lets scream and shout and feel alright
I went to the party at 6 to 8
and I showed up just a tad late.
embarrassing, everybody stared at me
I was mad cause... I had no pants on
It was a dream and I woke up in sweat
thats a dream I'd like to forget.

Yooo we be at this party and
we be so retarded and..
all these chicks really like it
Thats why every friday night they get excited
and we just straight relaxing
and we just straight macking
on any nice legs that I ever done seen so
lets go to my place and watch TV!