Spendertree EP

by Spendertree

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"We Worldwide Baby!"

The first EP from Spendertree Records!
Let's hope it's not the last. It includes 6 dope tracks and 4 radio interstitials from the most likely never to be released Spendertree Podcast!
Give it a download!!!


released October 20, 2015

Bennett Taylor Jimspender, Hamlex, Ghanjitree and Harlem Hans
Special thanks to Paul Tetlow and Stella Gesselle.
V-Era's "What I'd Do For You" is referenced
Give it a listen: youtu.be/91DpwmLXZPM



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Spendertree Records Vancouver, British Columbia

"We Worldwide Baby!"

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Track Name: The Legend of Spendertree
Long long ago
In the year 2015
Two producers of legend reencarnate
The jovial jimspender
And infamous ghanjitre
Joined forces to create the
Most upandcoming record company
The world has ever glimpsed
Together with a host of fire spitting mcs
These pillars of beat renown
Embark on a magical quest to reach worldwide fame
With an enigmatic cry of
'We worldwide baby'
spendertree records was born

Whatchu lookin at?
Is it my spendertee
Oh yeah I signed to a label
Yeah we made it up
So we own it too
all the rights
Cability to distribute

Ooo what is this??
Recorder solo
Spendertree Coniferous
PhytA pino
Okanagan lake
We be the ogopogo
No its not extinct
You extinct you a dodo

Green means go
So we green all year
I was unemployed bUilding us a couch oh dear
i just can't stop creating cuz fate aint waiting
I'mma motivate myself to do my best
Pain & gainin

Made a list
Checked it more then twice
I Checked every box
Till the list was lite
Then I made a fist
And thru it up (thru it up)
Cuz I'll never be a list bitch, bitch list aint shit!

Yeah were spendertree
Ride or die forever
Planets must of aligned when this group came together
Were just a couple of dudes trying to make cool shit you can't step to us go back to highschool kid
We got jim and ghanji cooking up the beats
And ben, ham and hans with the rhymes so sweet
Cuz were the rap elite
Yah just can't compete
So just take a seat
And watch this incredible feat
Track Name: One Day
You'll find me
Screechin bars inside my parents garage i'm lit i spit
A constant barrage of bricks
A bawdy massage that sticks
Like wax
Inside your ear canals
My lips smack my stylle
Feral wolf
Growlin a warnin this is my territory
Mark ed with urine
My pack spendertree
When you need a beat
Where jimspender be
Up In the okanagan
Olliver bee cee yah see

Tryna be legitamate you know we working hard
Hammy ghanjitree and spangy b
Are my brothers and arms
We be beefin in dis business
Growin produce like a farm
And im just gettin warm
Pull the fire alarm

Spendertree records
Track Name: That's Right
Catch me running with the same nerds who made your brain burst
When they came first in an essay competition to change Earth
Since it cain't hurt, why don't you listen?
Cause I might front in your face and disprove Goku's existence
Who told you of this thing? It's only me
The lonely seed catching nosebleeds from slow beats
Like this one, dry lips no lip balm
Makes me wanna kiss moms with slick palms gone sweaty
And you should know what's on my sweater already
Mmm, Mmm. mom's spaghetti
when she called me Tom when I was pulling a Jerry
I didn't have any nike's but now I have many, like ten each! They
They do me favours in sweat shop labor
And schizophrenia gave me many friendly neighbours
Cracking the surface, unrehearsed I emerge with the purpose
I get kids involved in the electoral process
I promise no sex, only the truth and no hope left
So go vote and hold breath

I keep it stellar
Foreva gesselle
None realer
A wicked truth dealer
When you got the spoof fever
My cosmic prediction pollitical
when you come between me and my strange addiction
Diction. I pronounce my conviction
We Speak in
a toungue so toothless
You don't need Decryption
Cacaphonic Rudeness ruthless
Pick it up like tooth picks

Riveting changes that
Begin like strangeness
Years pass by
And it all becomes mundane shit
Soon we gonna land
On a different planet
grand children on mars
While im chillin on venus
Getting back rubs
In hot tubs i feel this
Interstellar travel is simple convenience
Take a rocket ship round the sun
I can see it
Try to get a grip
On this galactic realness
Track Name: Ambition Ferocious
Ambition, ascending to the throne
All the troubles fade away when you're within the zone
It's a
Expedition, it's just that simple
stuck in your mind like a tv jingle
imagination and it's taking control
main frame brain and a hard drive soul - Whoa!
sophisticated, let the furniture show
more inflated then a furniture show
I'm rebooted
more machine then human
update consuming fluid spender tree fusion
We groin', to our music
high off our own supply but never gonna lose cause we're
discordant like a dial up modem
rhymes for the next one
I already wrote em'!
High performance
largely unnoticed
poetry romance
Ambition ferocious!
Track Name: "S.W.E.D"
Track Name: Minions!
Minions Minions Minions
How many Minions are there?
I don't really care what the heck your opinion is
Cause I'm the biggest fan
of Minions

I saw Despicable Me (WOO!)
And that's when I first saw the Minions
And when that movie ended?
I was like "I LOVE MINIONS!"
and now, HUH
I'm living Minions lyfe
I gotta Minion son and a Minion wife
So come with me.
The time is right.
Cause it's all about that Minion hype!

Minions! Minions!

They're the Minions! Minions!

Minions they got yellow skinnions
Banana eating, hard working, go-lucky minions
Minions, MAN they ain't got no chinions!
Everyday they hustle for the evilest villians!
Minions, on my clothes
Minion'ed out from my head to my toe. (to my toe!)
There are minions all over the globe

on a serious note I propose
that the minions be our,

Minions! Minions!

Man... Man, I love them Minions!


Now it's time for a minion role-call!

Kevin, Stuart, John, Tim, Jerry, Dave, Phil, George, Bob, Kevin, Stuart, Mark.
Track Name: Severus Snape
Back in junior high
I was 16
Head full of ideas
Yung boy big dreams

And how I looked
It was the usual fare
Soccer jersey on
Plus shoulder length hair

And believe me
All those kids used to tease me
Always tellin me that i looked girly
They call me moooogli they call me uugly they call me tarzan
Man but
They could never understand

How afraid i was of getting a short cut
I thought i had elf ears
So i would cut it myself

Until this girl dared me
She declared to me
Let me use these scissors and I'll make you less hairy

I was sick of being scared
And I said yes
In the morning b4 school I got
That long hair dressed

And damn
I didnt look half bad
I saw my hair in the mirror and it felt hella rad
Walkin downthe hallway
And I heard a kid say
You look gay

I looked gay
How do I even look gay
How does my hair influence my sexuality

I'm not afraid i'm not afraid
Of all the japes
And the hate
Try to crush me like a grape
And brew me inna potion
Severus snape